Greeley Embroidery

This permanent threading technique involves stitching your design right onto a piece of clothing so you can bring your logo with you everywhere you go. Embroidery isn’t just used for corporate needs though, and our customers often use this service to customize hats, outdoor gear, backpacks for school, and to put their favorite mascot on their own clothing. When you order for your whole team, every product will look identical with each stitch in the right place. Slinging Thread serves Greeley with embroidery and custom apparel printing to represent your creative vision, tailored to your style and needs. Call or message us today to talk about your ideas and discuss a quote, so we can get your project started.

Embroidery Projects

At Slinging Thread, we know you dedicated a lot of time to create the perfect logo or design. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you bring that design to life at our custom shirt, item, and hat embroidery boutique. Your Greeley business can stand out against the competition. We have all the colors and threads you need to feel great and look pulled together.

Professional & Team

Help your team distinguish themselves with professional-looking swag from Slinging Thread. Whether it’s your team from work, sports, or a club in Greeley, embroidered and custom printed apparel can strengthen the group’s bond.

Affordable Quality for You

We provide state-of-the-art embroidery and custom apparel printing in Longmont to fit your personal or corporate needs. Slinging Thread delivers the quality you deserve at the price you need.

Embroidery Your Way

Embroidery is all about expressing your style in a creative and unique way. Because we are a small business, we believe in ethical practices and make sure every order gets the same, careful attention to detail.

We can help you customize something special for your business or event with a variety of thread colors and materials to choose from. Whether you’re trying to increase brand visibility or just want to embroider something for fun, Slinging Thread will deliver a product you’ll love.